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Independent since 1291. Liberal since 1848.

Investing in Switzerland

We will stand by each other! - This was the promise made 700 years ago when emissaries of the three original Swiss Cantons made the oath that created the Confederacy. Switzerland’s success as a country is based on this historic democratic decision, taken of free will. Meant to protect them from foreign powers, it has protected the Swiss from wars, has granted them stability, independence, peace and a refuge for their values. Switzerland enjoys political stability, the hardest currency on earth, and a moderate tax burden, a perfect situation for innovation and investment.

The Confederacy’s foundation - its liberal constitution - continues to promote its innovative spirit even today. And along with it come those attributes typically „Swiss“: Punctuality, Efficiency, Cleanliness, Sustainability, Discretion, Reliability and Hospitality.

These are the very attributes and values treasured by the Alpine Resort Grand Regina today, set in the heart of where it all began. This is our promise.

  • Long Term Investment

    Ever since (mostly English) pioneers explored and conquered the Alps and introduced tourism to Switzerland, Grindelwald, with its majestic crown of mountain peaks, has been a destination that travelers have dreamed of visiting. Even better than visiting - buy a piece of it and make it your home. The investors’ interest remains unabated, growing in recent years, as proven by land prices in Grindelwald. They continue to rise with demand and show no sign of fatigue. A beautiful condominium at the resort gives you a legendary „pied-a-terre“, and is an excellent diversification for your portfolio.

    Price History Condominiums

    Preisentwicklung Eigentumswohnungen
    Actual sales prices for condominiums (Swiss Francs per square meter useable space)
    Source: UBS Real Estate Local Chartset 2014 / Wuest & Partner
  • Affordable Luxury

    Purchase prices for apartments in Grindelwald are moderate compared to other well-known winter and alpine destinations in Switzerland. Due to stable demand, they have increased in recent years. Considered in a ranking of destinations, country price and availability, Grindelwald emerges as the clear winner: Its condos are priced reasonably and the town is easily accessible from all over the world.

    Comparison of Quotation Prices

    Vergleich Eigentumswohnungen Winterdestinationen
    Averaged net Quotation Prices in several Swiss Winter Destinations (Swiss Francs per square meter useable space)
    Source: UBS Real Estate Local Chartset 2014 / Wuest & Partner
  • Highest Quality of Living

    Life in Switzerland is good - each visit will convince you of that even more. And numbers do not lie; the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) measures the standard of living in their member states regularly and performs an appropriate ranking under their „Better Life Index“. Switzerland is always on top and is a clear winner in the Alpine region.

    Quality of Life

    OECD Better Life Index
    OECD Better Life Index; www.oecdbetterlifeindex.org
    December 2nd 2014
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