A new Belle Époque

The Next Chapter of a Great Story

A new Belle Époque

Back when travellers were not tourists but adventurers, the alpine village of Grindelwald became the go-to destination for an entire generation that sought to discover the world. For over two hundred years now the town at the foot of the Eiger has been host to the world, while always staying true to it’s quiet and close-to-nature alpine values. Even so, just as the town has influenced its visitors, so have the visitors left an imprint on the town. The face of the town has changed, and the perhaps most beautiful display of architecture bridging traditional and modern is the Grand Regina.

After 120 glamorous years it is now time to make the move and fundamentally restore the Grand Lady to new magnificence while keeping the old spirit. The project for the Alpine Resort Grand Regina stands, just as it did two centuries ago, for a new age – a new Belle Époque.

Chalet Winter

Art Nouveau meets Modernity

A visionary project based in history

From Grand Hotel to Grand Resort: the proud lady will be restored and expanded between 2015 and 2017. Five chalets with several apartments each and an annex with 15 additional apartment suites will join the original Art Nouveau building. The final touch to the resort will be its spacious 1’850 sq.m wellness area.

The new Alpine Resort Grand Regina will re-open mid 2017. Located at the center of Grindelwald, the Grand Regina will become its own little town, providing the best of everything and anything you could possibly dream of for your holiday in the Alps.

The apartments can already be purchased.

  • Restaurants and Bar

    Restaurants and Bar
    Our 5-star kitchen welcomes you to witness the art of gastronomy guided by the principle of “healthy living”. The secret ingredient to all of our dishes is the taste of unspoiled nature. The use of fresh vegetables from the Regina’s on-site garden and of unprocessed herbs picked directly from the Alp are integral to our dishes. The tradition of “Slow Food” is of paramount importance to us, and the foundation for the culinary creations you will enjoy at the Grand Regina.
  • Apartments

    Your new apartment will be located in one of our chalets, built according to the highest architectural and technical standards. These chalets are connected directly to the hotel and offer all the services, amenities and merits of the main house. You can take advantage from the room service as well as enjoy a massage in your own four walls, or simply enjoy the relaxing and unique vistas of the Alps and breath in the serenity that has suffused this romantic spot for centuries.
  • Wellness

    Indulge in the wellness world of the Grand Regina. Its luxurious facilities have been designed to conduce the relaxation of your mind, body and soul. A hot stone massage, a visit to the Biosauna or a cleansing mudbath, perhaps? A more traditional guest of course can also choose our classic massages or steam baths and many more offers. After a long day, you can unwind in our spa or even in your own apartment, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Bernese Highland region.
    In case of any further inquiries or wishes, please do not hesitate to contact your Concierge of the Alps or ask directly at the reception of our wellness area. We look forward to welcoming you there.

More than just a Hotel. More than just a Resort.

Your Home in the Alps

Grindelwald is a place that is shaped by its natural environment. The town’s residents have built their homes within the wild nature of the mountains and valleys, an endeavor that required willpower, persistence, daring and most of all uncompromising solidarity.

Testimony to this pivotal Swiss solidarity – “unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno” - is the Grindelwaldian Valley unification letter: In 1404 the residents of Grindelwald convened with a monk from the nearby town Interlaken to divide the rights of use for the alpine pastures amongst themselves, securing their sustainable cultivation.

This unification is still in place today, centuries later. The Grand Regina, too, has a 600 year old right to the meadows, forests, a lake and many mountain creeks. She is allowed to use their recourses to summer a total of 5 1/8 cows, whereby “one eighth cow” conforms to one goat. These numbers have remained the same since the late Middle Ages.

With every apartment a share of these rights are passed on to the buyer. The Grand Regina is more than just a hotel, it is more than just a resort; it means true, everlasting value.

  • Meadow

    The pastures in and around Grindelwald are not only the basis for feeding the cows and goats, but also the source of most delicacies the region is famous for. The butter on the breakfast table, the fresh milk and plentiful selections of cheeses and yoghurts all have their roots in the nourishing meadows.
  • Forest

    The forest around Grindelwald is so impressive that the original settlers even made a reference to it in their new settlement’s name. The forest’s benefits range from protection of nature to providing firewood and to the opportunity of a stroll in the cool breezes or an adventurous mushroom hunt. Every season bestows the woodland scenery with their own new look, offering boundless relaxation and recuperation.
  • Water

    The perhaps most valuable resource on our planet is water, and we believe this counts for Grindelwald too. The drinking water is pure glacial and mountain spring water and comes from the mountains surrounding our town. It flows in the brooks and over waterfalls into the Bachsee, and will quench every hiker’s thirst with delicious taste and pristine quality. This picture features the Milibach, a stream to which the Grand Regina – and you – have a centuries’ old right.
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    Sandro Bolton. Your concierge des Alpes.
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    Welcome. I am your 'Concierge des Alpes'. At your service. For any question or request you might have. Would you like to learn more about Grindelwald, about the Grand Regina or about our new apartments? Any and all information you might need you will receive here.

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